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three hands holding an orb and creatn atrat realities

Crafting Realities, Beyond Imagination

Featured Services

Our Dynamic 3D Scene Synthesis service brings your imagination to life, transforming ideas into lifelike three-dimensional scenes. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques like Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) and Gaussian splats, we create vivid, realistic environments that are perfect for various applications, from gaming to virtual reality. Experience the future of 3D visualization with us, where your visions become visually stunning realities.

Dynamic 3D Scene Synthesis

man reaching up to grab a drone with VR cameras
a drone scanning the interior of a building using lidar and  NeRF's

Explore the world in astonishing detail with our Interactive Gigapixel Images service. This technology allows you to dive into images with billions of pixels, revealing intricate details unseen by the naked eye. Whether it's for educational, commercial, or artistic purposes, our gigapixel images offer an immersive experience that brings every minute aspect to life, ensuring you don't miss a single detail in your exploration.

Interactive Gigapixel

2014 Time magazine cover of One world Trade center taken by michael franz and jonathan woods
two people interacting with a touch screen andzooming in on a gigapixel image

Step into the future with our Holographic Experiences service, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Our state-of-the-art holographic technology creates stunning, lifelike projections that you can interact with, perfect for immersive storytelling, advertising, or educational demonstrations. Experience a new dimension of engagement and wonder, where your ideas take on a life of their own in the mesmerizing world of holography.

Holographic Experiences

a man using snap filter with the Proto hologram and interacting with people
two people connecting and touching hands remotely form cities miles apart

Dive into a world where virtual reality and AI-driven innovation craft immersive experiences beyond imagination. Our agency excels in creating vivid, personalized realms that respond in real time to user interactions. With our mastery of Generative AI and Immersive Media, we offer more than just experiences; we offer journeys that are detailed, realistic, and unforgettable. Join us to explore, discover, and immerse in the extraordinary, where every moment is a step into the future.

Generative AI Media

old man siting on a stump with a mushroom hat
AI image of two people peeking from behind a mirror

Experience the world like never before with our 360 VR Video Capture service. This technology expertly records every direction at once, creating immersive, spherical video experiences. Ideal for virtual tours, interactive storytelling, or groundbreaking educational content, our 360 VR video capture brings viewers into the heart of the action, offering a seamless, all-encompassing visual journey that truly transcends traditional video.

360º VR Capture

Sports Illustrated cover image of Jeff Glasbrener climing Mt Everest.
the VR drone, a cutting edge drone designed for dual stabilized pay loads
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