PANOGS is proud to introduce a Neutral Density filter adaptor kit for the goPro Omni.

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Shooting with ND filters on your Omni will decrease the shutter speed so the appearance of objects moving at high velocities, such as the blades of a helicopter, a drone, or the flowing of water is less noticeable.

Sold as a seven piece kit with each adaptor labeled 1-6 to correspond which each Omni camera position. The seventh adaptor is included as a backup. The kit is $60. + shipping*.

These adaptors were made specifically for the 43mm B+W F-PRO ND Filter and  can be purchased separately here. You will need at least 6 and they typically run around $40 per filter to complete the kit.

The mounts were custom tapped to specifically match the shallow pitch thread depth of the B+W filter.

*(All customs, import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser)

** Please allow up to 60 min for email confirmation once you place your order

Installation is simple.

  1. Add the filter to the Adaptor: carefully press the filter evenly against the adaptor and slowly turn the filter clockwise until you feel it catch the shallow thread. If the the filter starts to turn evenly along all sides this will indicate the thread has caught successfully. Turn the filter until is fairly tight and can long turn. It is recommended you leave the filter on the adaptor once it has been threaded.

  2. Position the Adaptor over the corresponding Omni camera: find the adaptor marked #1 and position it over the omni camera #1. The section of the adaptor that contains the logo is the longest arm of the 3 arms. We call this the bottom arm. (the right arm has a number, and the top arm is blank) Position the bottom arm over what would be the bottom right corner of the hero4 black camera below.

  3. Quarter-turn and lock: pressing evenly on all 3 arms simply turn the adaptor roughly 20º clockwise, make sure that each arm clicks underneath it’s corresponding Omni cage bridge frame,  On some instances you will need to push the top arm down while turning. In many instances you will actually hear a small click sound. The Adapter will feel snug if you have it successfully locked.

Please see the video for further installation instructions, tips and tricks.

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