If you've ever wondered what it takes to shoot amazing panoramas in underground caves, temples, and salt mines then this, somewhat claustrophobic episode, will perhaps fulfill that curiosity. Caving Panographers Paul FootlegBoštjan BurgerMarcio Cabral, & Heiner Straesser take us on their photographic adventures down a rabbit hole or two. Special thanks to our Portuguese Interpreter Juliana Nascimento.

Cover Image © Copyright Paul Footleg Fretwell.

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Paul 'Footleg' Fretwell

Virtual Cave Tour  / Mine Tour / General Photography (including caving and panoramas)

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Boštjan Burger


Marcio Cabral

Mysterious Lagoon / Pratinha Cave / Sao Bernardo Cave / ST. Bernard Cave II / Sao Mateus Cave III / Sao Mateus II Basecamp / Sao Mateus - Imbira Cave / Anhumas Abyss / Mysterious Cave / Mysterious Lagoon Pier / Gruta do Lago Azul 1 / 

Heiner Straesser

Panoramas shown on this episode