From high mesas and rock arches to the deepest canyon in the world the American Southwest is a riddle of geological formations full of endless fascination and discoveries for the panoramic photographer.  Our guides into some of these wondrous places are fellow Panographer John Roberts, Canyoneer Jon Jasper, Google Trusted Photographer Thomas Hayden, and a Greg Downing of xRez Studio.

Cover Image: Bridge MT Arch - © Copyright Jon Jasper



Thomas Hayden

GigaPan Magazine - Grand Canyon Rafting

Grand Canyon GigaView #21 - Havasu Creek/Colorado Confluence

Grand Canyon GigaView #8 - Upper Tanner

Unknown Ruins - Natural Bridges National Monument

Unknown Ruins - Natural Bridges National Monument

Google StreetView in the Grand Canyon:

Redwall Cavern -  Google StreetView Camera close up

North Canyon Hike Beginning - You're on National Geographic

North Canyon Hike Terminus - Hiking with Trekker

Deer Creek Landing -  Showing Nadir Patch Algorithm 

Lava Falls Rapids - Example of a terrible nadir coverage

Jon Jasper

Official website:

Jon Jasper on 360cities

Featured panoramas:

Havasu Falls / Beaver / Havasu Swing / Navajo Jump /  Waterfall Rap Bottom / Subway / Boundary Creek / Kolob Creek / Mystery Spring / Mystery Junction / Bridge MT Arch 1 Bridge MT Arch 2Bridge MT Arch 3 / Bridge MT Arch 4  

Greg Downing

Shaman’s Panel Rock Art Documentation

Outlands Photogrammetry Test

Mono Lake, CA / Grand Canyon, AZ / Grand Canyon Infrared Gigapixel

Spherical Antelope Canyon

John Roberts

Featured panoramas

John on 360cities / John on Google Maps Views

Recommended resources

Utah Geological SurveyGeosightsGoogle Earth layer 

Photos from some of the "geosights"

Fantasy CanyonPaul Bunyan's Woodpilefriend's 360 of PBW

Devil's Playground BLM link / Devil's Playground Panorama

Utah Backcountry 

Atlases: Delorme Gazatteer / Benchmark Maps

Backcountry Adventures / Wedge Overlook, San Rafael Swell Panorama


National West Rim Trail in Winter Panorama


Panoramas: Gunlock State ParkAntelope IslandDinosaur Track at Red Fleet State Park

The Utah Roadside Geology series - mile marker by mile marker descriptions of the geology you see from most major federal and state roads