#1: Aerial Panoramas


In this week's podcast:
Sergey Semenov from Airpano.com and Morten Boe from trueview.com.au share their award winning work and discuss how they've overcome the challenges of shooting panoramas from helicopters, octocopters, ultralights, and stratospheric weather balloons.


Guest Videocasts   |  Sergey Semenov, Airpano

Video Webcast Notes

Sergey gives an airpano overview & provides fun backstories on:
The Great Migration, Kenya • 360° Aerial Panorama
San Juan River, Goose necks, Utah, USA • 360° Aerial Panorama
The 2012-2013 EPSON pano awards
Amsterdam and Holland • 360° Aerial Panorama
Russian Geographical Society Award Ceremony
Bird's Eye View of the Moscow Kremlin • 360° Aerial Panorama
Taj Mahal, India • 360° Aerial Panorama
Flight to Stratosphere • 360° Aerial Panorama
New York, Manhattan, Night • 360° Aerial Panorama
New York, I love you • 360° Aerial Panorama
Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt • 360° Aerial Panorama
The trip to Mount Everest, Himalayas • 360° Aerial Panorama
Trip to the North Pole • 360° Aerial Panorama


Guest Videocasts   |  Morten Boe, True View Virtual Tours

Video Webcast Notes

Morten discusses the challenges of spinning a helicopter around in it's own wake and some special his special mounting gear. He also shows the following 360° Panoramas:
Trinity College Virtual Tour
The 2011 EPSON International Pano Award winner
Morten's Ultralight Panorama

"I began taking professional underwater photographs in 1960 as a professional diver with Ribikoff Oceanics - a company that made underwater camera equipment. National Geographic first published one of my images in the November 1966 issue for an article about night diving in the Florida Keys. Since then I have taken and published thousands of ocean-related images from around the world." - Morten Boe

GRR: Transect Viewer: Dolphins   http://globalreefrecord.org/transect_explorer/10024

Catlin Seaview Survey   http://catlinseaviewsurvey.com/surveys/europe/monaco

Technology:   http://catlinseaviewsurvey.com/science/technology

Google Views Oceans:   https://www.google.com/maps/views/streetview/oceans

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