What is included with the package?

This virtual reality package includes the HTC Vive headset, VR ready computer, motion controllers, sensors, vr games/experiences, and on-site staff to instruct and assist each player in virtual reality. We recommend a cleared space of 10’x10’ for room scale VR. This allows the participant freedom move around within the VR environment.

What virtual reality games and experiences are available?

We have access to every game on the market, but based on our experiences with clients, we typically recommend about 10 games. These games have a quick learning curve, minimal controls, and are engaging and exciting. One of the big favorites is Beat Saber. It’s easy to pick up, and tons of fun to play. However, we’re happy to discuss your specific needs and make sure we have something appropriate for your event.

How many people can play with your headsets in 1 hour?

This will depend greatly on the type of game(s) you choose for the event and how many VR stations you’d like set up. Based on our normal game selections, we can usually move 15-30 people through in an hour. We provide an external monitor for viewing and brief tutorial for the each person. Depending on the party size and time frame allowed, we want to talk about the appropriate number of VR stations.

How easy is it to use VR?

Virtual reality is pretty intuitive. You use hand controllers to interact with the various VR experiences that we provide. We do a personal one-on-one quick tutorial when we set-up each person in their headset for the first time. By the second time, you can usually do it yourself and most kids insist on doing it themselves.

Where can I host a VR birthday?

Anywhere with cover from sun and rain since both can cause damage and interfere with tracking of the headsets and controllers. We also need access to power as the computers, sensors and controllers are not battery operated.

Do I need internet?

No. When you book a party with us, we download all of the experiences ahead of time. If you want us to add an experience or game that requires internet, we can talk about those details when we customize your order.

What do I need to do prepare or bring?

We require, at minimum, a cleared space of 6’x9’ for each room scale experiences. Ideally a 10’x10’ space is best, but we’ve managed to get two stations functional in a roughly 12’x10’ area. Essentially the more VR stations required, the more space we need, the more experiences we can offer and the faster we can move people through.

How do you keep the VR headsets clean between uses?

We bring sanitation wipes with us to clean each headset and the controllers between uses. In general, the headsets don’t get too dirty, but we aim to provide a clean experience so as not to spoil the fun.

What’s the age limit for using the VR headsets?

Official age recommendations for VR headsets is 13+. VR is a new technology, and there aren't a lot of health studies on the effects yet. We recommend that you do a little more research if you have any reservations.

Would areas do you travel to?

We offer free set-up in the Portland Metro area. Typically anything within a 15 mile radius of the Portland city center is in our normal coverage area. Areas exceeding the 15 miles are charged additional travel fees.