CLIENT / Space Needle / 2014

Panogs partnered with Stimulant to produce an interactive gigapixel panorama kiosk at Seattle’s Space Needle Observation Deck.  The kiosk houses a massive gigapixel image was captured by designing a custom mounting system that was temporarily attached to the top of the Space Needle spire.

Using CAD drawings, our mechanical engineer constructed a heavy-duty mount to attach to our Nodal Ninja carbon pole system. The mounts were critical to withstand the heavy gear load and high wind gusts. Special equipment was used to lift and install the gear to the top of the Space Needle's spire. Once installed, the pole system was then carefully extended further, with the robotic pano-head, to achieve optimum photographic angles.

The result of this is an amazing project is a kiosk on the observation deck of the Space Needle called the Gigapixel Panorama. Guests can hyper zoom into the details of the city, explore various interests and learn fun facts about Seattle; for example if you’ve ever wondered where Bill Gates’s childhood home is, where Boeing got its start or where Bruce Lee is buried, you can find it here. Please visit the Space Needle and experience it for yourself!